General information

VISAGOLLANDIA provides legal help in case of denied Schengen visa by the embassy of The Netherlands.

Schengen visaOn daily base the embassy rejects up to 10 % of the visa applications, although the applicants had the proper documents in accordance to the Schengen Visa Code.

The two main reasons for a denial are:

  • The embassy has doubts about the purpose of your visit;
  • The embassy has doubts if you will leave The Schengen area before your visa is expired.

In case of a denied visa, people cancel their journey, or try to arrange a visa on a different way:

  • They apply again for a visa for The Netherlands or another Schengen country, coming up with a new travel plan and documents;
  • They arrange a new passport, sometimes with some different writing of their name, and apply again for a visa;
  • Some try to arrange (buy) a visa for Poland or Hungary, using an intermediator or "agent";
  • Others travel to Turkey or Egypt to get the stamp of The Netherlands embassy covered with a visa of these countries. And hope to arrange a Schengen visa later.

All these options cost money and guarantee no success. They even can lead to a second denial. The actual intention of above mentioned options is to mislead an European embassy. This is a violation of the Schengen Visa Code and will lead to a registration in the Visa Information System. A person registered in the Visa Information System has little chance of getting a Schengen Visa in future.


Most of people do not know there is a better way to try to improve the situation - by filing an appeal. The embassy of The Netherlands gives a written document (in Dutch) where the reason for granting no visa is mentioned. This document comes with a translation explaining that you have the right to send a written appeal to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands within 4 weeks. The letter of appeal should be written in Dutch.

An appeal can be made by:

  • Тhe visa applicant themselves;
  • Аn authorized person;
  • А lawyer in the Netherlands.

An appeal made by the visa applicant has little chance of success.

If an appeal is made by the lawyer it is 90% likely that the case will be won because the lawyer knows the laws, the country and the best way to deal.

Subsidized legal support

Lawyers are expensive and far not everyone can afford their services even in Western Europe. In order to secure legal rights for everyone in the Netherlands the Dutch government provides a subsidy to people with low income. In other words a part of lawyer's fee is paid by the government. Only a limited number of lawyers have the license to plead cases under the Dutch government sponsorship.

The cost of legal support

VISAGOLLANDIA will guide you to the best lawyers in The Netherlands. We work only with lawyers who can accept clients under a sponsor scheme. Due to this scheme we offer you full legal support for € 365.

For whom

You will be accepted under the sponsor scheme if your income is less than € 1400 a month and you have less than € 20 000 in savings.

Duration of the appeal

A legal procedure can take up to a few months. But we believe it is worth to go for. You act on a fully legal way, and besides that, in many cases it will be cheaper than using the other "options" mentioned before. A visa for the Netherlands is more difficult to get compared to many other countries. This will give you benefit in the future visa applications.