Schengen Information System

Schengen Information System (SIS) is actually a "black list" containing information about people who have ever violated the EC rules.

Schengen Information System People whose data are filed in SIS have almost zero chance of getting a visa for a Schengen country in the future.

At present the SIS database contains over 30 million files and the number of countries using SIS is growing.

SIS is supposed to keep biometrical data which means that a new "clean" passport will not be a solution in case a person already has a visa denial.

The reasons of registering a file in SIS can vary but the very fact of existence of such a file is a serious obstacle. Sometimes a file can be removed from SIS.

To find out if you are registered in SIS (or not) is not very difficult.

Each Schengen country has own procedure for obtaining information from SIS.

PDF, 250 KB Procedure for obtaining information from SIS (250 KB)

You can apply in line with the National rules of the given country. Anyone exercising his right of access may apply to the competent authorities in the Schengen country of their choice. This choice is possible because all national databases (N.SIS) are identical to the central system (C.SIS) in Strasbourg (see Article 92(2) of the Convention). The right of access therefore pertains to identical data regardless of the State to which the request is addressed (page 6 of the document).

Theoretically you can do it yourself. But having a foreign home address may be an obstacle leading to delays and extra expenses because you need to pay a process fee from a foreign bank account.

A quick and secure way to obtain the information is to give a written permission to a lawyer in The Netherlands. The maximum processing time for applications for obtaining information from SIS in The Netherlands is 6 weeks (page 46). Applications submitted by lawyer are normally processed within 2 weeks.

We offer this service for maximum € 250.

In case you have friends or relatives in The Netherlands you can ask them to contact a lawyer on behalf of you. The lawyer will explain them what documents he needs from you for obtaining the information.

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